This is my blog it is all my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of my employer. If you don't like my opinions and are going to get offended and complain to me then just leave now. I have no use for the closed-minded. I will not apologize if you get offended. If you want to debate with me about it (I do enjoy a debate) we will do it via email.

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Sorry about the neglect

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Sunday, August 15, 2010, In : Randomness 
Well it's been a few months since I did anything to my blog. But I assumed no one read it and it was mainly a means for me to vent and whatnot. Well today I found out I have subscribers. That was quite surprising. So I figured I would do a little update.

Crystal is pregnant again. We found out a bit ago that it is a boy. He is due 1/11/11. Hopefully he is born at 11:11:11 am because that would be awesome.

Been working at Dupont since May 18th. Life is good out there. No duty, 8 hour days, no go...
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Update on post Navy life

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, In : Randomness 
So since getting out of the navy life has been pretty busy. I have filed for unemployment and applied for numerous jobs. I have taken a test for a job at DuPont. I have been gardening and started a new bonsai then my old bonsai died. All my herbs and most of my peppers have sprouted. But the thing that has lifted the most weight off my shoulders is yesterday I had my interview with DuPont. There was 3 applicants and we got a tour of the facility followed by a panel interview. This morning I w...
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About Me

Hmmm. I am(was) a sailor in the US navy but I am also one of the few sailors that can actually sail a sailboat since I have one of those. I am no longer in the navy but I will leave the last line there to get the veteran vote. I now work at Dupont as a Power control room operator. The biggest hobby of mine at the present time is picking locks and I am slowly getting better at it. I am currently looking for materials to build my own welder to teach myself how to weld. I am married to Crystal and we have one daughter and we are having a son soon (or if you read this after Januaryish 2011 we a son). Yeah not much to say.
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