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Leaving Japan

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Saturday, March 13, 2010,
I should be leaving Japan finally on Thursday the 18th. Then I get to spend a week and a half or so in Bangor, WA before the navy flies me back to Idaho. I will be in ID for a few days before finally returning to my family in Winterville, NC. Things are really looking up for this branch of the family tree. I have a very good job opportunity which I should interview for shortly after returning home but if I don't get that job I will just start school this fall with the GI Bill. If I get the jo...
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Bonsai Exhibition

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Sunday, October 25, 2009, In : Bonsai 
So today I went to a bonsai exhibition at the Yokosuka Cultural Center. It was pretty cool. If you want to see some pictures click on the Bonsai link above.
This exhibition was a perfect example of a difference between the American culture and the Japanese culture. I was the only non-Japanese person at the exhibit. Most of the people knew maybe a word or two of English but they would still come up to me and see if I had any questions. Then this elderly gentleman came up and he knew some Engli...
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About Me

Hmmm. I am(was) a sailor in the US navy but I am also one of the few sailors that can actually sail a sailboat since I have one of those. I am no longer in the navy but I will leave the last line there to get the veteran vote. I now work at Dupont as a Power control room operator. The biggest hobby of mine at the present time is picking locks and I am slowly getting better at it. I am currently looking for materials to build my own welder to teach myself how to weld. I am married to Crystal and we have one daughter and we are having a son soon (or if you read this after Januaryish 2011 we a son). Yeah not much to say.
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