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Prototype Protec Pick

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, In : Lockpicking 
I have finally gotten around to posting some pictures of the prototype of a lockpick for the Abloy Protec padlock I own. I still have a couple things I need to work on such as the groove for the decoding part and then some sanding to de-burr some of the edges.

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Protec Pick

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Saturday, September 12, 2009, In : Lockpicking 
Well I finally got around to making a pick that is somewhat like the drawing on my protec picking page. My camera battery is charging right now but I will post pictures of it on said page. On a side note about the pick it cost me about $12 in materials I believe and I few hours in construction time (from having to jury rig quite abit to things to work right). I haven't tested it out yet just because I wanted to make sure everything was all setup so it doesn't fall apart. I probably won't go i...
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Picking and Couches

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Saturday, September 5, 2009, In : Lockpicking 
I am learning fast that a couch doesn't make the best place to pick locks. Especially recliner couches. If you drop anything it is pretty much guaranteed to fall into a crack and since the cushions are attached to the frame it will if you are lucky fall to the floor where you have to crawl under the recliner to get it or if unlucky it ends up somewhere in the couch. So far the best place I ave found for picking is a computer chair at a desk or table since if you drop anything there is no furn...
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First blog entry ever

Posted by Thomas Weaver on Wednesday, September 2, 2009,
So I finally decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and well this is the first post thus far. I pretty much intend to blog about random stuff involving my life and hobbies. This may include updates about my family, lockpicking, lock pick making and lock collecting. I will probably add some huntig and fishing stuff after I get out of the navy.

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