I just finished setting up a homebrew automatic watering system for my bonsai tree. I am now seeing how long one small Arrowhead bottle of water will last. Hopefully it is able to maintain a nice slow constant water supply over a week or week and a half so the tree doesn't die when I go home on leave. The setup is job a bottle hanging upside-down  above the tree with a short length of rope going from a small hole in the bottle cap down to the tree. So far it is going pretty slow but I have to wait for the rope to hit a good saturation point to see. I think I may need to add a couple small holes to the bottle to let air in but we shall see. My barracks room is starting to look like a mad scientist's lab or something will all the rope and whatnot strung around. I have the watering system now which added 3 ropes and I also have my random wire antenna for my radio which is tied with rope so it runs across my ceiling a few times. Then I have a small pulley system setup that is fun to play with sometimes. Of course my desk houses my radio system which covers most of it and the remaining free space is filled with locks, picks, keys, files, electronic parts and my Dremel with accessories.