Well I just got back to Japan a little bit ago after 13 awesome days of leave. The worst part was having to leave. Especially since my flight left RDU at 8:50am Christmas morning. When I went back to work to sign in off leave I got an earful at work from someone at work about random shit I don't feel like talking about right now. Which really brought home the fact that I am definitely back at CFAY. Though I now know that my website audience is bigger than I thought. Crystal was really excited about the Nikon D200 I got her for her birthday and Christmas with some help from my outstanding parents and parents in law. Also picked up a speedlight for the camera so that will come in handy I suppose (even though I personally don't like using flashes but they are good in some cases). I miss Crystal and Sophia so much already and it hasn't even been quite 24 hours yet. Well I have been up for 25ish or so hours straight so I think its about time to hit the sack and try to get re-accustomed to Japan time.