So not much has been going on. On my birthday (Nov 1st) I managed to pick the protec one time but have not been able to replicate those results so it could have just been a fluke but whatever. I don't claim to be able to pick the lock. Saying that would imply being able to do it consistently. Hmm what else? Uh I think I may have posted this already but I got an amateur radio. I can't transmit yet as I have no license but the barracks I live in obviously wasn't built to help with the wave propagation so its not a big deal. Its an Icom 720A and I got it, a power supply, a mic, a CW key, all the manuals and the guy threw in a Yaesu FRG-7 on top of everything else all for the price of $150. Those of us on my IRC channel ( channel #myzoo) have started learning to use Blender. I made the log cabin and sign thing on the main page with it. That one isn't very good but that was also one of my first projects. I get to go home for Christmas. I am excited about that. I am trying to find something to get for Crystal but we are pretty limited as far as shopping goes (well I could leave base but thats beside the point). Well more updates soon...(er) or later