I should be leaving Japan finally on Thursday the 18th. Then I get to spend a week and a half or so in Bangor, WA before the navy flies me back to Idaho. I will be in ID for a few days before finally returning to my family in Winterville, NC. Things are really looking up for this branch of the family tree. I have a very good job opportunity which I should interview for shortly after returning home but if I don't get that job I will just start school this fall with the GI Bill. If I get the job I will do some night classes more than likely depending on the schedule. I haven't smoked for about a month now so I have to say this Chantix is really working for me. I have only had a few urges to smoke lately but I just know the nicotine won't hit me so I don't smoke. I can't wait to get back home to Crystal and Sophia. I miss them so much. Oh I also picked up some souvenirs yesterday I think people will like them but time will tell. For all my locksport friends out there the return to NC also means the return to lockpicking for me so I will finally be back to work on the Protec and trying to get it opened a second time. I haven't made a new pick yet but by waiting not only will I be back to the original pick I made but I will have full access to my tools which means I can try a tip design I saw on LP101 and see if that will make this repeatable.