Warning this post is mostly a rant (mostly about religion [you can't discuss religion with most of the people here as they are not at all open minded and just get mad if you say something that contradicts what they believe] so you are forewarned)and is not ordered very well.

This past Tuesday NC had their primaries. On the ballot was an amendment (Amendment One as it's known) to change the state constitution to say the one recognized domestic relationship in the state is marriage between one man and one woman basically. I voted against it but it still overwhelmingly passed.

What gets me is the fact that gay marriage is primarily a religious issue and according to the US Constitution religious laws are not to be passed. If you point this out to the people here they say this country was founded on christian values and that there should not be a separation between church and state.

This country's founding may have a ton of christian values intertwined with it but if they founding fathers had wanted us to become a religious state they would not have come up with the first amendment. They saw how most European countries treated people (most at the time we church states) and how well that was going and they wanted to ensure that it did not happen to our country.

Then I point out that the Bible (which is the religious book of Christianity) has a whole ton of shit that people are not to do. Don't believe me read the first 5 books of the old testament. Many of the things God told us not to do are done by christians the world over on a daily basis. My opinion on that and how it relates to gay marriage is if you are going to pick and choose which parts of the Bible you are going to obey and which parts you are going to disregard you can't really persecute people who disobey the parts you obey. For instance I am going to cheat on my husband, steal from my former company and make my mother my puppet by telling her if she makes me mad I won't let her see my kids again but homosexuality is against the bible so you can't get married and you are going to hell. Um FYI adultery, stealing and being a douche to your parents also violate the Bible. In fact your three are all against the 10 commandments which most Christians at least in NC believe are the only 10 laws of the Bible you have to abide by (except homosexuality) whereas homosexuality isn't even mentioned in the 10 commandments. You can't pick and choose and then oppress people who also pick and choose but have different choices.

I am not talking about murder and stealing and other crimes like that as there have laws on the books about criminal acts for thousands and thousands of years. Those are common sense and religion has nothing to do with that.

The way I feel about this amendment is that okay homosexuality is against the Bible but laws about it are religious based. If we are going to start passing laws and amendments based on a religion we need to ban everything which is banned in the Bible and everything banned in any other religion in the world. That means for men haircuts are illegal and shaving is illegal. We can no longer eat pork or rabbit or beef and any other food banned by any religion. Clothing blended of 2 or more materials is now illegal. Lying: illegal. Treating aliens from other countries badly: illegal. Pre-marital sex: illegal. Alcohol: illegal. Tattoos: illegal. Smoking: illegal. Caffeine: illegal. I think you see where this is going.

The other thing that pisses me off about the amendment is that NC has statutes banning gay marriage already. Most crimes are not mentioned in the Constitutions of any state. By passing this amendment NC as a state has told the world that gay marriage is worse than any crime not mentioned in the constitution. I honestly believe most people realize it isn't worse so my suggestion here is that we need to pass an amendment that includes every criminal law in the state to the constitution.

Well it's bed time so I will go but I may rant more later. One final note I am ashamed to live in NC.