So last week I started taking the stop smoking pill Chantix and today is my official quit date where I actually try to quit smoking. I hope this works as I really don't like smoking and it is expensive as hell. The drug works by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain so you don't feel the effects of the nicotine and it releases a small amount of dopamine (the "reward" hormone) throughout the day to make up for the decrease in dopamine release (nicotine causes your body to release the reward hormone). By doing this the theory is that you will eventually be like "Smoking is doing nothing for me anymore" and you just stop smoking. After reading a lot about the medicine and talking to my doctor this is supposed to be the most effective quit smoking medication on the market today. Even in my week of building up to the full doses I have already notice a dramatic decrease in the amount I am smoking. Last week I was still smoking a pack a day give or take a few cigarettes. Right now it is 9 pm on Thursday and I have only smoked 2.4 packs since Monday morning. Before the medicine I would be starting my fifth pack on this week right about this time. I am hopeful that this works. I know Crystal and I have talked about quitting smoking when I get out of the navy and I think it will be easier for her to quit if I am there smoke-free for only a month and a half to help encourage her not to light up. Well I hope this works. If my next few entries seem angry and extremely bitter don't worry that is just withdrawals. Well I think I am going to go to bed but first I am going to smoke (I know I know its my quit date but I have gone 4.5 hours without a cigarette and for someone who used to  average more than 1 cigarette an hour while awake that's pretty good and the cravings are getting strong and I know I am going to get no pleasure from this cigarette and its just a matter of habit). On another note if anyone can think of a hobby which I can carry around with me in a pocket which I can use to help replace the motions of smoking I am open to suggestions. I am thinking of making a couple new picks and getting a kwikset at the exchange so when I need a short break at work or get a sudden craving I can pull them out and start picking.