Well it's been a few months since I did anything to my blog. But I assumed no one read it and it was mainly a means for me to vent and whatnot. Well today I found out I have subscribers. That was quite surprising. So I figured I would do a little update.

Crystal is pregnant again. We found out a bit ago that it is a boy. He is due 1/11/11. Hopefully he is born at 11:11:11 am because that would be awesome.

Been working at Dupont since May 18th. Life is good out there. No duty, 8 hour days, no going to sea, and overtime. I haven't had to work overtime yet but if I do I get paid. It was a bit of a change going from the Navy's definition of safety to their definition of safety. The navy is more like pseudo safety where stuff is done to make you think you are being safe but not really.

Oh found out this week that Matthew is going to Iraq for a year as a civilian contractor. Hopefully nothing happens to him over there. On the bright side he should get paid enough over there to finish his degree when he gets back.

I'm sure there is more going on but meh.