In case no one told any of the people who read this blog. Anything I say about anyone in this blog is my OPINION. If I rant about certain things you aren't good at it doesn't mean you are a bad person and I dislike you I am just saying there are some things that could use some work. I had some people on the ship that I hated working for but outside of work we would hang out without issue but at work there were issues. I love my daughter but even though I have never seen her in a leadership position but I would imagine she is not a very good leader. It's not her fault though she just hasn't been taught how to lead people. Rather than just telling me I am lying take a look at situations from the fly on the wall perspective. I have had quite a few people comment to me in person agreeing with me about my opinions in a certain post so maybe just maybe some of the things I say actually make sense. I also realize that I may share a few traits that I dislike in other people and I am willing to accept that. I will not deny it and call you a liar but I will think back about the past and try to look at what you are saying from your point of view. I refuse to apologize for things that I said that offended people in this blog. It's my opinion and how things look from my point of view. If what I say offends you then you don't have to read it. That's the great thing about the USA I have freedom of speech and you have the freedom to not listen to what I have to say. Oh and this is a response to a certain person: you can't judge a persons leadership ability based on what their uniform looks like you have to talk to people who have worked for them and with them. Most of my opinions about a persons leadership ability are not based solely on what I have seen but on what your subordinates and equals say behind your back so don't call me chickenshit and pussy because I post them on the internet (a public viewing forum). I at least had balls enough to say what I have to say in a public place where you or anyone can read it instead of talking shit behind your back and keeping everything bottled inside where you have no idea what I think like many of the people I have talked to who helped form the basis of my opinions. Again I say things like your ability to lead people have nothing to do with who you are as a person in general. Also the things talked about in this website are opinions and if you don't agree with them and you are just going to get angry and say you want to beat the shit out of me feel free to click here and don't come back here again. But if you are open minded and willing to see what other people are thinking and perhaps try to learn from those thoughts feel free to visit again.