So since getting out of the navy life has been pretty busy. I have filed for unemployment and applied for numerous jobs. I have taken a test for a job at DuPont. I have been gardening and started a new bonsai then my old bonsai died. All my herbs and most of my peppers have sprouted. But the thing that has lifted the most weight off my shoulders is yesterday I had my interview with DuPont. There was 3 applicants and we got a tour of the facility followed by a panel interview. This morning I was laying in bed when the phone rang. It was the hiring manager offering me a job. I start in 2.5 weeks. I was a little worried about supporting my family even though I knew before leaving Japan I had this job interview but I still had the underlying worry of what if I don't get the job. After talking to people at the plant yesterday and all the looking into DuPont it looks to be a great company to work for and the people seem really nice. Also this is the company that invented Kevlar which is used by our troops in combat and I will work for any company that develops product to keep our troops, police and firemen safe. Well I think that will be it for now as it is dinner time. Also Sophia is keeping me entertained by chasing the cat around the house.