If you want to be a nice person you can click below to help fund the purchase of more locks and picks and help further my testing as I only have a few locks because they are a bit pricey sometimes. It will also help stop me from becoming homeless when I get out of the navy in April.

Some of my locks(from left to right): Master DG (US set), VingCard mortise cylinder, American lock series 5200 (US set), Medeco Biaxial mortise cylinder, Abloy Protec PL330, Kwikset deadbolt cylinder, Master #1, Schlage deadbolt cylinder. I have working keys to every lock I own so far except the VingCard, one of my Master #3's, and the American. On a side note these are only the locks I take to work on a daily basis, I have a lot more Masters since that is all I can buy on base. I also have a few other non-master locks not pictured.

I am slowly making progress on my exploit of the Abloy Protec. I lost the spring that compresses the cylinder to keep all the internals in place but a new one should be here soon. I plan on getting the rest of the parts to construct my pick/decoder sometime soon. I have already made the actual pick tip.

On the Medeco Biaxial I am up to 4 pins without the side bar. Soon I will be adding the 5th pin but I am not quite that good yet. The American is still kicking my ass but every time I pick it up I learn a little bit more about it and the serrated pins the only problem being is with that lock I get frustrated so I can only work on it for a few minutes at a time before I have to set it aside for a confidence lock.

August 10th, 2009 I emailed Abloy's US office to inform them of this possible exploit. As of right now I plan to keep the page with the exploit password protected until November 10th, 2009. This is to give them a chance to investigate and fix the it. I reserve the right to keep it protected longer though if they get a hold of me and talk to me about the exploit and need a little bit more time to implement a fix. I will only give the password to people I know and trust and anyone with access to the Lockpicking 101 advanced area.

As of September 10th still no word from Abloy about the exploit.

Picked/Never picked lists

(note these are only locks which I own or have had permission to pick) also in the never picked list are locks I have not yet attempted

Picked list
  • 5/5 Master DGs
  • 2/2 Master #1s
  • 4/4 Master #3s
  • Schlage (pictured above)
  • Kwikset (above)
  • Non branded Navy issue lock
  • 2/2 Master Fusion #192
    Not Yet picked
    • Medeco Biaxial
    • VingCard mortise cylinder (can only reach first 2 pins)
    • American 5200 (damn you serrated pins)
    • Abloy Protec PL330 (never picked in lock body)          UPDATE 8/8/09-able to pick with the cylinder out of the padlock body where I can see the discs rotating and able to set 3 discs with it in the body before pick broke.     UPDATE 11/1/09- Picked it once with the lock in the body but haven't replicated those results at this time so I'm keeping this lock on this list since its not consistent.
    • Papaiz cruciform lock (received 31 Aug 2009)(never attempted)

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