Here are some pictures from my journey to the Yokosuka Cultural Center on 10/25/09 for the Bonsai Exhibition that the Yokosuka Bonsai Society put on this weekend. It was so cool. They had about 75 trees in all and I only got pictures from a few of them. I wish I had gotten more like the tree that was split most of the way down the trunk like it had been hit by lightning. They also had a display and when you looked at it from the top it looked like a rock and a little toy cow in a field or moss. But when you got down so it was at eye level it looked like a cow walking through a small forest or field of tall grass with a mountain in the distance that had a statue of Buddha tucked away into a crevice. These trees are amazing and I wish pictures could do them justice but they don't so just enjoy and try to get to a bonsai show sometime if you can.

This is your standard run of the mill crabapple done in the style where the main tree trunk is across the ground and is meant to be a tree that fell over and then branches continued to grow making it look like several trees.

Just a little pine tree. Those bamboo things on the right of the picture are about 3 inches tall just to give you a sense of scale. 

Same pine as above but from a different angle so you can kind of see the shape of the trunk.
A japanese maple with the roots growing over a rock and then into the ground. 
Here is a closer view of the roots of the maple above just because it looks cool.
This juniper is just awesome. The guy grew the tree and then killed the middle part of the truck so you can see the dead part and a couple of the dead branches sticking out of the living part.
When I first saw this little fellow I wasn't even sure it was a tree because of all the leaves and whatnot but you can see the trunk in this picture.
Two bonsais sitting side by side in a display thing. There was 2 more below them and one up above. These trees here are in the next 2 pictures.
This is a tea plant. The leaves of this tree are what they use to make the traditional Japanese oolong tea.

This is the tree that was sitting next to the tea tree. Looks a little sad doesn't it. It is fall and all the trees had leaves getting ready to fall off and as you can see not all trees lose their leaves gracefully like the Japanese maple a few pictures ago.

This pine was the tree on the top of the display with the above 2 trees. Photos just don't do it justice.
This tree has a rock going through the middle of the tree trunk. If you look closely you can see this.
This pine tree was maybe 6 inches tall yet the grower said it is about 30 years old. It's amazing you can have such an old tree that it so small.
This is a Japanese pear tree and for those who think that a bonsai can't bear fruit now you know you are wrong. These are full size Japanese pears.

I really like how there is a lot of the root structure above ground on this tree. It made it look like there is several separate trees that all grew into one trunk. 

This was the biggest bonsai at the exhibition. It was maybe 2 feet from the highest point to the lowest point. The berries eventually turn very bright red when they ripen. I don't think you can see any in this picture as there were only 2 or 3 on the tree and they were hard to fnd in person as the leaves were blocking them.

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