Links to various sites which I frequent (both related to lockpicking and not) is my little brothers site of random thoughts and a good theory of why Bowser is a really good leader is unlisted's (from lp101) site/blog. He has all sorts of cool pictures and a blog he just started.

Lockpicking 101 Forums- The forums I use most for my lockpicking knowledge

Lockpickology- They appear to have closed the site down but it could be back someday.

NDE Magazine- Great online magazine for the locksport community


TOOOL.NL- The main TOOOL site (this is where the Han Fey articles are)

Locksport International-The webpage for LSI

The Best Page in the Universe-The title says it all

Tubedaze-A great website with comics and videos which won't make much sense if you aren't in the navy JK's site full of all kinds of interesting and useful information

ODD Industries
- Site owned by Olson from LP101 great site to use many different IM services and can be used on GOVT Computers

Mibbit-Browser based IRC client website to learn random stuff when bored place to buy some high security locks

ebay-Good place to look for locks at good prices

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